Last day I spent with Eliot until I see him next weekend in Cardiff. It’ll be weird not seeing him for a week because the last time was when I went to Magaluf and we hardly talked because of my phone. I’m glad we had a nice afternoon and I’m glad I get to see him on his birthday, too!

09.13.2014 / +1

dear chlo tagged me in this eight selfie thingy. I think these span over two year but I need to take more selfies on my good days. I’d have more to chose from if I had my old phone (that was taken by the chicken nugget loving bastards!)

splodge82 and dinosaursinyourvagina your turn.

09.10.2014 / +6

No make-up just crazy hair. Though things aren’t brilliant I just need to remember to smile and what will be will be.

09.07.2014 /

Maga ‘14. Oooh Fiesta Saharaaa!

Despite my phone, debit card and provisional drivers license being stolen, I oddly miss being woken up at 5am the ‘oh fiesta sahara’ chanting and the banging on doors, the smell of urine as you walked along the strip, or the craziness of BCM and the vile place that is MCP Carwash. 

Good times… good times.

08.31.2014 / +2

Happy with my t-shirt from Primark. So fab.

07.11.2014 / +1

my cinderella cosplay for this months expo! 

i’m still really super unsure what to do for Sunday though… not sure to just throw up a wizard and be done with it.

05.11.2014 / +3


04.13.2014 /

seriously take my laptop away from me

03.29.2014 / +9

Home after Baby Clinic (so many cute little things!) Now I’m just chilling at home and leaving El to get on with some of his Uni work.

03.04.2014 / +1


on a BlackBerry.

So, I just located all these. and omfg. I just. 16-17 year old me was so odd.

01.18.2014 / +1

This is the first dressy dress I’ve ever gotten. I’m planning on wearing it for New Years. IT SO FREAKING SPARKLY they get everywhere 0.o

12.28.2013 / +4

These are my lovely siblings. Don’t tell them I called them ‘lovely’.

12.03.2013 / +1

Kids family photo time!

12.01.2013 /

At the Elena Hairdressers.

11.24.2013 / +1

Lovely blocked nose today.

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